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How To Get Free Traffic From Twitter

Want to dominate Twitter? You need a Twitter marketing strategy!

Want to dominate Twitter… like a BOSS? I’ve got some awesome Twitter marketing tips to grow your followers, get more retweets and get more CLICKS to your blog!

Do you ever go to other blogs and look at their social share counts? Jealous much? I know I am.

Some of them get their posts shared hundreds, if not thousands of times!

So you go about creating great content hoping to set social media on fire… and what happens? Crickets! That’s what happens.

It’s happened to me countless times… At least it used to!

I’ve been blogging and sharing on social media sites for over ten years. I didn’t start getting lots of social shares until 2018.

There was always frustration about why my content wasn’t being shared. I kept writing better and better content, but still, my posts were not being shared.

I know you might be frustrated too. It can be real disheartening to pour your heart and precious time into a post, only to have the Twittersphere ignore it.

I was so sick and tired of my content being ignored on social media that I had to do something about it. So I set out to learn what other bloggers do to get their content shared by the masses.

I studied tweets that had been shared a lot and began seeing patterns. The blog posts that went viral on Twitter had a lot in common.

It led me to create a formula for getting more retweets that I’m going to share with you today.

It turns out, you need more than just great content to get a lot of social shares. You need a full blown Twitter marketing strategy.

Once I implemented the Twitter strategy I’ll share with you today, I started to get MORE retweets, MORE traffic and MORE email subscribers.

So let’s end the frustration already. It’s time to take action!

Why Getting Retweets Is So Important

But first, why bother with Twitter? And do more retweets really matter?

Well, as it turns out, Twitter has a huge user base. 336 million monthly active users and growing!

You don’t want to miss out on this valuable traffic source.

What about retweets? It turns out.. Retweets matter… A LOT

We’re going to use RETWEETS to get more eyeballs on our content. Posting to Twitter without getting retweets is practically pointless. We need our content shared, re-shared, then shared again and again!

When you post a tweet, your 500 or so Twitter followers may see it. You’re lucky if you get ONE click out of that!

But when you get retweets, you get other users recommending your content to their followers. If you keep this train going, you can increase your reach into the MILLIONS!

If you think that the number of retweets your content gets is just a vanity number, think again.

Retweets are a really really really big deal. If you get your post shared a lot on Twitter, that means:

  • You will get more traffic (and more affiliate sales)
  • You will grow your email list (and make more sales)
  • You will acquire more backlinks (and improve your Google ranking)
  • Google may look at how well received your content is on social media (source: Moz) and boost your ranking as well.

As you can see, the total number of retweets you get isn’t just a number you can show off, there are lots of benefits to getting your content retweeted.

And just as a reminder…

Always Keep Your #goals In Mind

I’m very intentional with everything I do. If I’m doing something, it has a reason behind it. Before I start with anything, I look at the END goal and then work backwards.

The end goal is to make money. Let’s work backwards then.

Get money <- email list <- blog article <- Twitter traffic source.

Okay so if we work backwards, we see that we will use Twitter to share our valuable content. We then get email subscribers from our blog and then offer products to our list.

Okay so let’s start using Twitter to get more juicy TRAFFIC flowing into your blog posts.

First things first: to get more retweets… your profile game needs to be on point.

1. Create A Kickass Twitter Profile

First things first. Your profile needs to ROCK. Here’s a quick guide on how to create an awesome Twitter profile.

Have A Great Profile Photo

Your profile photo needs to be a photo of your face. If you want people to engage with your profile and follow you, retweet your posts and visit your website, you need to be a real person.

Profile photos on Twitter are not very big, so choose a close up picture of your face. Here are some tips on creating the perfect Twitter profile photo.

  • Eye contact. You should be looking forward, directly at the camera. Eye contact, even from a photograph, is important.
  • Smile. Give a big smile, it will make you seem likable and confident.
  • Dress nice. Your profile photo should be a headshot, which means the top of your shirt will be showing. Dress sharply and stay away from t-shirts.

Take Advantage Of Twitter Cover Photos

Many people ignore using cover art or simply waste this space with a pointless picture. This is a crucial mistake on their part but also an opportunity for you to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Your cover photo should be one of the following:

You doing an activity.

A beautiful panoramic shot with you doing an activity is always a good look. This is especially true if you are the focal point of your blog.

  • Food blog? You should to be cooking.
  • Travel blog? You can be on top of a mountain.
  • Health blog? How about a shot of you meditating at the beach.

Your logo and tagline.

If your blog is not as personal and more business-like, then showcase your products or something that relates to your business. Include your logo for branding and add a tag line – a one sentence witty description of what your site is about.

Write A Kick Ass Profile Bio

Your Twitter bio needs to be short and sweet. You have only 160 characters to work with, so you need to choose your words wisely. While the profile photo and cover art are visual, your bio is not.

This is your chance to turn a Twitter user into a follower, don’t blow it! Here’s the formula for the perfect Twitter bio:

  • The first sentence of your bio should state your name and what you do. Don’t forget to add your url.
  • The second sentence should provide social proof. Say why someone should listen to you. You can tout your experience, where you’ve been published or your qualifications.
  • The last sentence should be a call to action to follow your profile or visit your website.

Example Of An Awesome Twitter Profile

Let’s look at an example of what I’m talking about. The profile of @mike_allton hits it out of the park!

He has a big visual header with a nice image. Not only that, but he includes his  URL and what he does.

His profile picture game is on point.

He makes perfect use of his Twitter bio by stating what he does, adds some social proof and makes it fun.

You can also see he tweets a lot. Not just his content, but other great content as well. His followers see him as a great curator of content and a guy who really knows his stuff.

So it’s no surprise that he has 60,000 Twitter followers and growing.

Now that we have designed a visually appealing Twitter profile, it’s now time to get some eyeballs on your profile.

2. Get More Twitter Followers

Getting more followers is a prelude to getting more retweets. The more people we put our content in front of, the higher the possibility of getting our content re-shared.

Let’s Identify Influencers First

No matter what your blog or website is about, there are others in the same field who are ahead of you. These are the leaders of your industry and you need to know who they are.

The influencers in your industry will have a lot of Twitter followers and will likely be making a lot of money from the traffic their Twitter profile gets.

With Twitter, you can see exactly who the followers of any industry leader are. And guess what? These are the same group of people who could and should be following your Twitter profile.

Begin Following Targeted Users

So why not TAKE.. err… BORROW their followers and get them on your profile, right?

Here’s how to do this.

You will need to target the recent followers of the influencers’ account to try and get them to follow your Twitter account as well.

Click on their followers and begin following some of the Twitter accounts on their followers list.

The key here is not to follow everyone. Doing so will possibly get your account locked or suspended!

You cannot follow more than 1,000 in a day and you can’t follow more than 5,000 (unless you have over 5,000 followers of your own). After 5,000 followers you can follow only 10% more than your total follower count.

Be selective on who to follow.

You will want to visit each profile that has a profile image (because if it has an egg they’re not very active on Twitter). See if this person has a recent tweet and if they retweet content. If they do, that’s a prime target to follow.

—> Users who actively retweet content are GOLD! <—–

Following by hand one by one might seem like a lot of work, but I’d rather follow 500 quality accounts than 5,000 random ones.

Within a few days of following these targeted accounts, you’ll begin to see some of them follow you back.

These AWESOME followers will be the ones who will share your tweets and help your Twitter account grow exponentially!

I only follow specific accounts whose followers are interested in what I have to offer.

Then after a few days, you can go back and unfollow users who didn’t follow you back. Rinse, repeat and watch your Twitter follower count grow!

3. Direct Message Your Followers

I love getting a new Twitter follow. But you know what I love more?

Converting a Twitter follower into an email subscriber!

In order to get a Twitter follower onto your email list, you need to ask them!

My students ALWAYS ask me “How do I get my visitors to XYZ?” and I always reply “You ask them to do it!

It’s so freaking simple yet many bloggers ignore this step. What’s the worst that can happen? They unfollow you? Oohhh I’m shaking in my boots!

Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with them.

When someone receives a direct message on Twitter, it’s often sent as a push notification on their smartphone. That’s a very personal way to connect with someone.

When you receive a follow, send a non-automated follow up message. You can copy/paste but be sure to personalize at least their name.

Slide into their DM’s with this template!


Hey (insert their name, look it up on their Twitter name or bio)!

Thank you for your recent follow.

(Make a comment about something you saw on their profile)

(Mention your FREEBIE and include a link to your optin form landing page)

(Your name, your URL)


With this tactic you are doing the following:

  • Being personal by addressing them by name.
  • Being grateful for their follow.
  • Showing you took the time to look at their profile.
  • Offering value about a topic they are interested in.
  • Humbly leaving your name (showing you’re a real human being) and your blog url.

The end result will be a Twitter user who will be visiting your blog, actively promoting your content to their circle of followers and will end up on your email list too!

4. Add Beautiful Share Buttons On Your Blog Posts

Social media icons to Share This Post from SocialWarfare

Okay we’re done with what you can do DIRECTLY on Twitter and now let’s move on to what you can do on your actual blog to take your Twitter marketing to another level.

Add beautiful share buttons from the Social Warfare plugin to your blog posts.

I have spent years (and years) using every social media sharing WordPress plugin out there. AddThis, AddToAny, Shareaholic and the rest of them!

Heck, I have even gone as far as designing my own icons and including the code to share by hand!

Here is what I have learned.

Just don’t waste your time and use the Social Warfare plugin.

This is what the big boys use. The industry leaders in your niche are using this plugin. They might not tell you. Heck, they might not even answer you if you ask them. But trust me they are using this plugin.

Seriously, you can stop looking at the rest of them. I have tried them on different blogs throughout the years and never had the number of shares than I did with Social Warfare.

Those other plugins, while robust, just do too much and were slowing my site down. And the last thing you want is a slow site.

Social Warfare - Adds Twitter share icons to your WordPress blog.

Do you see the social sharing icons on this page? That’s what your social share icons could look like. Here’s 7 reasons why they are the best:

  1. The numbers don’t lie. These icons convert very well for me.
  2. For social proof, you can choose to publicize your share counts or not (or only publicize them once they reach X amount of shares).
  3. You can activate Twitter cards which means that in each post, you can designate a specific image to be used when anyone mentions your blog post (very important!)
  4. You can choose where you want your icons: at the top of the post, the bottom of the post, or both!
  5. You can opt for floating buttons, which stay on the page as the user scrolls (very helpful to getting more retweets on Twitter).
  6. When someone shares your content on Twitter, your handle is included in the tweet. The plugin adds “via @username” to the end of the tweet. This directs more traffic to your Twitter profile and thus the possibility to get more retweets to other content you’ve shared.
  7. You can activate UTM tracking for the URL being shared so you can see sharing stats in Google Analytics.

The Social Warfare plugin is only $29 and frankly I think it’s underpriced for what it does. It has given my site a more professional appearance and boosted my social shares.

5. Add A Call To Action At The End Of Your Blog Posts

Finish your blog post with a call to action for more twitter retweets

How do you have your readers share your blog posts on Twitter more often? It’s simple, just ask them to share it! Is it really that simple? Yes, yes and yes!

Here’s a quote from Nora Roberts from her book The Gallaghers Of Ardmore Trilogy

If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer’s always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place. — Nora RobertsClick To Tweet

How do people know what you want if you don’t ask for it? They are not mind readers. So if you want your article to be shared on Twitter, ask them to share it on Twitter.

This is what’s called a Call To Action (CTA). Every single one of your blog posts should end with a call to action.

After all, what is your reader going to do after finishing the article? If you don’t tell them what to do, they will close your page and probably never visit again. Gasp! Oh the horror!

You will see that I try to finish every blog post with a call to action. For this blog post, for example, my CTA is for readers to share this post on Twitter.

6. Tweet More To Get More Twitter Retweets: It’s A Numbers Game

For more Twitter retweets, tweet more often.

A lot of new bloggers share their post on Twitter once and get zero engagement. Then they wonder why.

Well, have you seen your Twitter feed? Refresh it. Refresh it again. It seems like every second a whole new set of tweets is sent out. Odds are, your followers haven’t and won’t ever see your tweet!

The solution? To post more of course. Did you know that the average lifespan of a tweet is somewhere between 18 and 24 minutes? If you don’t post often, your tweets will be buried in an avalanche of new tweets.

So this begs the question, do I just tweet the same message over and over again? No, don’t do that. Your followers and Twitter won’t like it.

If you think you can just spam Twitter with the same message and URL, think again. Here is the correct approach: create multiple messages with your link to tweet out.

For example, for this post I created the following Twitter messages to send out:

I then put these tweets (with the url attached of course) on a scheduler to tweet my messages out on auto-pilot.

I use Social Pilot to bulk schedule tweets for not weeks, but MONTHS ahead. This tool is so helpful, as I couldn’t possibly do it by myself.

But do not just schedule your content only. In order to make it more natural, you should also tweet out some quotes, tweet the content of other influencers in your niche and then your own content.

So for example on a typical day I might send 2 quotes, share 3 of my own articles and retweet 2 influencers.

At the moment, Twitter does NOT have an algorithm like Facebook and Pinterest have. The content you see on your feed is chronological. Until this changes, posting more frequently is the best way to get your tweets to be seen.

7. Write A Compelling Article That DEMANDS To Be Shared

Write great content for more twitter shares.

If you want your article to be shared on Twitter, the content needs to be AWESOME. Make your content so good, Twitter users will want to share it.

If your content isn’t up to snuff, you won’t get any Twitter retweets, no matter what you do. These Twitter marketing strategies only work if you have created awesome content first..

Start With An Awesome Title

Your title needs to be concise and yet powerful. Use superlatives such as “amazing”, “best” and “never”. You can use this title generator for help. Just pop your subject in and get suggestions.

Let’s analyze my headline:

9 Ways To Dominate Twitter Like A Boss

I used a number in the title and some key words to grab the users attention. It’s not the best, but it’s the best I could come up with.

Use this headline analyzer to test out different headlines and the system will choose the winner for you.

Use Images Throughout Your Content

Let’s be honest, text is boring. Using images throughout your content keeps the reader engaged. This could be screenshots, but it can also just be stock images. I use, or

Write List Style Posts

Love them or hate them, list style posts are the epitome of shareable content.

Readers love to skim the key points in an article and list style posts with headings allow them to do just that.

Write Conversational Content

The most important tip I can give as far as writing great content is to make it FUN. I don’t care what topic you’re writing about, you can spice up any topic.

When you write your blog posts, write in a conversational way if you’re talking to someone. You’re not writing a research paper at school!

8. Give Influencers A Backlink To Get A Retweet

A great way of getting your content shared and seen by thousands is by having an influencer in your niche retweet your blog post.

This will put your content in the eyes of tens of thousands of their followers. You can leverage an influencers huge Twitter following and turn them into fans of your own blog.

So how can you get an influencer in your niche to give you a shoutout on Twitter and link to your content?

It’s a 2-step process.

Step 1Mention them in your blog post. Give them a juicy backlink in your blog post.

Step 2: Go to their blog, find their email and let them know you linked to them. Then ask them if they would share the post with their followers on Twitter.

You can make it even easier by giving them the actual link to  your Twitter post so they can retweet it.

This Twitter marketing strategy works! Everybody loves a free backlink and only asking for a tweet in exchange is not a big deal.

9. You Need To Be Using Twitter Cards

Twitter posts which contain an image have higher engagement rates. This doesn’t mean you have to manually add an image to each tweet you share though.

An image will be shown in your tweet automatically if you have Twitter Cards activated.

To create a Twitter card like in the example above, you need to first download the Yoast SEO plugin if you haven’t done so already.

Yoast is one of the must-have plugins to install for every new blog.

Here’s a how-to guide on how to activate Twitter cards.

I create a custom image for each of my posts exclusively for Twitter. Your image should have a 2:1 ratio. For example a good size for a Twitter image is 1200px x 600px.

You can create your custom images on Canva. It’s super simple since they even have templates for Twitter you can use.

Since I use Social Warfare I see this handy section which lets you choose which image to use on Twitter and lets me write a custom title and description. This image, title and description will show up whenever someone links to your article on Twitter.

Social Warfare Twitter options.

10. Use Click To Tweet

Click To Tweet example for more twitter retweets

Another great part of the Social Warfare plugin is its Click To Tweet feature. You can add a Click To Tweet directly into your blog posts to encourage even more sharing.

What could be easier than a single click to share your content? Using these within your posts is sure to give a boost to your Twitter share count.

How to get free traffic from Twitter. This Twitter marketing guide will help new bloggers get more social media traffic from Twitter to their new blogs. #twitter #twittermarketing #marketing #traffic #blogtraffic #socialmedia #edwindollars

How To Start A Successful Blog

Get my free 5 day Launch Your Blog eCourse for beginners!