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Can You Still Make Money Blogging In 2019?

Can you still make money blogging? Is there money in blogging? The answer is a resounding YES!

Can you make money blogging in 2019? Is blogging still a profitable venture in 2019 and beyond? For the past several years, people have been claiming that blogging is dead. Here are some reasons people say blogging is dead.

  • There’s so many websites out there that it’s impossible to get traffic.
  • You can’t write something new, it’s all been done before.
  • People want everything for free. It’s too hard to get someone to buy anything.
  • Nobody reads blogs or websites, everyone is on social media instead.

So what do you think? Are these valid reasons why blogging is dead? I think not. Let me explain why you can still make money blogging.

Why Blogging Is NOT Dead

No blogging is not dead at all. I still make money blogging.

There are those who say that the influence of bloggers has waned in the last several years. These claims come from the fact that social media has taken off and there’s a new breed of “influencers” with massive audiences.

While it is true that some influencers on Instagram and Youtube have millions of followers (compared to only the thousands that bloggers have), it’s all about quantity vs quality.

Bloggers have an engaged audience that is devoted which is very valuable to advertisers looking to spread the word about their product.

Social media influencers may pitch a product, but it certainly doesn’t come off as an authentic recommendation.

Users on social media are also conditioned to ignore ads, more so than those who visit blogs.

It is for these reasons that blogging is not dead. Blogging will not die as long as there are advertisers willing to pay for high quality targeted traffic.

Can A New Blog Make Money?

Yes, even new blogs can make money online fast

For newbies looking to start their own blog, it can be disconcerting to get started this late in the game. After all, one peek at Google search and you’ll see the top results are being dominated by seasoned bloggers.

So what hope is there for a new blogger looking to make a dent in this business?

The answer is that success is definitely there, but only for those willing to put in the time to grow their blog.

Sure, while there are millions of blogs already out there, how many are actually actively maintained? Just a fraction of them.

How many of those blogs have a mailing list, engage with their audience and are constantly publishing new content? Not many.

So you see, there is a path to success for new bloggers. That path is is similar to the path of success in many other businesses: it takes hard work.

Should You Even Bother With SEO?

You can learn SEO for better Google rankings. But is it worth it?

I got to admit, it is very difficult getting any kind of real traffic from Google. For a new blog, odds are you’re not going to get much Google love. The reason being that Google doesn’t trust you yet. It takes years to build trust (and backlinks).

So should we quit at SEO and forget it? Absolutely not.

While you may not be getting traffic from Google right now with your new blog, one day your blog won’t be so new. Once your blog has aged, Google will begin to show some love to both your new and your old blog posts.

You still need to do on-site SEO like properly optimized titles and images, choosing targeted keywords to rank for and even acquiring backlinks.

One day your hard work will pay off, so lay the groundwork now and reap the rewards later.

How Do You Get Traffic To A New Blog?

As a new blog, how do you get traffic going to your website?

So if you’re not going to be getting much Google traffic, how does a new blog get any traffic at all? The answer is social media. You see, the algorithms on social media are much different than Google. You can create a blog post this morning and have it go viral by the end of the day.

If you’re too much of an introvert to be on social media, then goodbye go work at McDonalds. We’re here to make money blogging.

Seriously though, some bloggers create pen names to blog. Plus, you never have to reveal your true identity if you don’t want to. After all, you won’t be using your personal social media accounts for your blog. You’ll need to create new profiles at each of the major social media sites.

Which social media sites should you target? That’s easy, go where your audience is. Whether your audience is more Instagram or more LinkedIn, everybody is on Facebook and Twitter. But the one big one you shouldn’t miss if you’re a new blogger is Pinterest.


Pinterest is not just about recipes and girly things. I’m on Pinterest promoting my make money blogging content and I do just fine. You need to think of Pinterest more as a visual search engine, rather than a social media site. In fact, there’s not much socializing that goes on in Pinterest anyway.

Here’s my Pinterest profile url by the way:


Facebook is split equally amongst males and females. It is the most popular social media site so you need to have a presence there. You can create a Facebook page for your new blog and post your new articles there. Here’s my Facebook page for Edwin Dollars.

You don’t have to stop at just posting links to your content. You can also participate in Facebook Groups. Pro tip: Find managed groups with moderators in your niche. That’ll weed out the groups full of spam.


Getting traffic from Facebook is pretty difficult, but it’s a bit easier with Twitter. The problem with Twitter is that the lifespan of the average tweet is like one hour, tops! That means you have to tweet a lot to get your voice heard.

As you would expect, the trick to getting traffic on Twitter is to get your tweet to be retweeted by influential users in your niche. How do you do that? Follow them, follow their audience, befriend them and see if they’ll follow you back. Every follower you have is another person who might see and retweet your content.

Here is my Twitter profile link so we can follow each other.


Instagram is a tricky one. It is so popular, but you can’t post links to your articles in your content. The only place where you can drop a link on Instagram is in your bio.

I would only bother with Instagram if your niche is very visual, such as workout blog, a food blog, or a travel blog.


If you create videos for your blog you also need to be posting them on YouTube. And if you aren’t creating videos, why not? Most of the content you write can be converted into a video, a podcast, even an infographic!

How Can You Make Money With Your Email List?

Make money with your email list.

So I’ve talked a lot about how blogging isn’t dead and about how to get more traffic to a new blog. But let’s get real here, what do we really care about? We care about making money. So how can you make money with a new blog? The answer is in your email list.

Yep, your number one source of revenue will be your email list. The reason being that you don’t want to stuff your blog full of ads. It just looks tacky to have banner ads on the sidebar, more banner ads within the content and even pop-ups.

Instead, the place to sell sell sell is in your email newsletter.

Don’t waste time in starting an email list. Even if you’re not going to be sending emails just yet, get started. This is my single biggest regret. I only started to get serious about my email list in 2018. Oh how much money I’ve lost neglecting email marketing!

You will want to create a lead magnet (such as a free report) that you can give away as an incentive to get people to give up their email address. Once you have their email, you can start providing your list with valuable up to date information on your niche. Take care of the people on your list, they are your customers!

How Much Money Can You Make Blogging In 2019?

So how much money can you make by blogging? The answer is up to you.

Yes, you can make money fast with blogs, even in 2019. This applies to new blogs as well. To recap, new bloggers like you can get traffic from social media, collect email addresses and then sell products to your list.

Here’s a sample breakdown of what you can earn by sending one email to your list.

Let’s say you have managed to build your email list to 10,000 people. (By the way, that means getting about 14 subscribers daily for 2 years. You can do this!)

Send an email out to your list offering a $50 product you developed. (It’s way better to create your own products, so you reap 100% of the profits. Yes, you can do this too!)

If you wrote a good subject line, 30% of your subscribers will open the email. (That’s 3,000 eyeballs on your product offering.)

Your goal is then to get 10% of those people to actually click the link to view your product. (That’s 300 clicks to your product page.)

Of those people, only 3% will end up ordering your product. (That’s only 9 people.)

Well if my math is correct, that means sending one email generated you 9 sales at $50 each = $450! Not too shabby for one email, eh?

Now imagine if you grew your list even bigger, increased your open rate, your click through rate and your conversion rate. Holy crap! The possibilities are endless here.

And they said blogging was dead..

If you learned something from this article or if it has inspired you to make money blogging, I’d love it if you saved it on Pinterest!

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How To Start A Successful Blog

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