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5 Awesome Hacks To Grow Your Email List To 1,000 Subscribers!

Awesome hacks to grow your email list!

Does your email list SUCK? Is your email subscriber count at… uhh… ZERO? Not to worry, I’ve got 5 awesome growth hacks for your email list coming right up!

The pathway to success (if you’re serious about making money as a blogger) goes right through your email list. You not only need to understand this – you need to master it.

The main point of creating your own blog is to make money. And how do we make money with our blogs? Well if you think splashing ads all over your blog will make a profit – dream on!

That’s just not the way it works.

To make money with your blog, you need an awesome engaged email list.

You can start an email list for free at ConvertKit and use Thrive Leads to create high converting optin forms.

The REAL Purpose Of Your Blog

You keep hearing “the money is in the list”. So WTF does that even mean? It means the vast majority of your income will come from your email subscribers buying your stuff.

Yep, you heard that right. You will NOT make money directly from your blog!

You might be thinking…

But Edwin, your damn title says Make Money Blogging.. and you’re telling me I won’t make money with my blog?

Okay let me explain. The purpose of your blog is ONLY to serve as a conduit to grow your email list.

We’re going to use your blog only to FUNNEL traffic (people) to your email list (where the money is made).

You can go ahead and apologize to your blog right now for pimping her out like this.. but it’s got to be done!

Why You NEED An Email List

If you’re only selling on your blog, you might get lucky and get a drive-by sale here and there. But what happens to the visitor who bought something after that? They GONE!

But when you make a sale via your mailing list, that customer can come back and buy from you again and again and again…

You might say, however, that you don’t want to sell anything. You just want to make money with display ads like Google Adsense. With this method, you get paid every time someone clicks on your ads.

Sounds good, until you realize that about 30% of your traffic uses an ad-blocker, so they won’t even see any ads to begin with.

The other 70%? They might not even see the ad because users are conditioned to ignore ads.

With display ads, the more traffic you get, the higher your earnings. Sounds good, until you realize that traffic is a fickle MF’er.

Every day at midnight,  your traffic gets reset to ZERO and you have to start over again. A dip in traffic and your income dips too.

But your email list? It just grows and grows and grows… because your email list is forever, son!

Having An Email List Builds Trust

I don’t care how persuasive of a writer you are, you ain’t gonna sell CRAP on your blog. Trust me, I’ve been doing this for 15 years and it is SO HARD to sell anything.

Think about your own buying habits. Do  you click on banner ads and buy something from complete strangers? I know I sure don’t!

I only buy from companies I TRUST (think Amazon, Target, Nordstrom).

Since you’re not them, how can you ever get someone to trust you? Easy… by unlocking the power of the email list!

Your email list is the key to building trust.

It is said that the average person needs to see something 7 times before they buy it. Here’s what this means for you:

If a visitor sees you on social media, then visits your blog, then joins your email list and receives your welcome email… they would have already “seen” you 3 times. 

This means you’re potentially only 4 emails away from making a sale!

Are you ready to unlock the power of your email list? Okay great, let’s get to growing your email list to 1,000 subscribers!

Email Growth Hack #1. Make a Bold Promise… And Deliver!

Write insanely great content on your new blog

In order to get someone to give up their email address, you need to deliver VALUE. Your headline, if you wrote a good title, made a bold claim. But did the content deliver? Did you solve their problem?

If you did, you have now earned the trust of the visitor. Trust is so important. Why would anyone give you their personal email and let you into their lives without trust? Simple answer, they wouldn’t.

It is up to you to build up enough trust with your content that the reader would be willing to let you in to their inbox.

My headline for this article is “5 Awesome Hacks To Grow Your Email List”. I need to deliver on this promise in order to get you to join my email list. Will I deliver the goods though? That’s for you to decide.

Email Growth Hack #2. Add A Custom Content Upgrade

How to convert your visitors into email subscribers guide

How do you get visitors to join your email list, by asking them to join your newsletter? Nope!

Who the heck wants to join yet another newsletter and get spammed? Not me. Not them.

If you want their email address, you have to give them something for free in exchange.

This is called a “lead magnet”.

There’s tons of different things you can offer including:

  • ebook
  • 5 day free course
  • printables
  • pdf report
  • checklist
  • spreadsheet

Lead magnets are nice and all, but there’s one thing that converts BETTER than a lead magnet… it’s a content upgrade.

Content upgrades are lead magnets that are directly related to your content.

For example, a good content upgrade for this article would be a freebie directly related to email lists. Something like an “Email List Cheatsheet”.

Now, you don’t have to create a content upgrade for every . single . post.

If I have 5 articles talking about email lists, I can re-use the same content upgrade for all 5 posts.

If this sounds like too much work. Here’s what you should do. Identify your best performing content and only create content upgrades for the articles that are sending you the most amount of traffic.

You can identify your best performing content using Monster Insights. Look at the articles with the most visits, longest average duration and lowest bounce rate.

Email Growth Hack #3. Turn Comments Into Subscribers

You can use the comments section of your blog to get additional email subscribers. Let me show you how.

If you use Mailchimp, the Mailchimp for WP plugin lets you add a checkbox below the comment box that can automatically subscribe anyone who leaves a comment.

If you use ConvertKit, you can use this plugin to do the same thing.

While this sounds a bit aggressive, you can choose to use double-optin to ensure they really want to join your email list.

If you choose to skip this route, you can still get subscribers from your comments. 

After a user leaves a comment, you can redirect users to a thank you page. On this page you will say Thank You and have an optin form!

You can use the Yoast Comment Hacks plugin to achieve this.

Email Growth Hack #4. Use Your Social Media Profiles

Once you set up your blog you will of course create social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn.

If you haven’t done that, WTF are you waiting for? Go do that now.. I’ll wait.

Okay, now each of those social media platforms have a bio section. THIS is the place to write a 1-2 sentence blurb about yourself (or your blog) and finish it with an “ask”!

This is the perfect place to add a link directly to your email list landing page.

What’s a landing page you ask? It’s just a simple page that has nothing but your optin form. Don’t have one? Make one!

Go to Pages > Add New and add your optin form right in the post area and nothing else.

It literally takes 2 minutes to do this.

Change the permalink to something short like /email/ because every letter takes up another character space in your bio. If you’re out of room, you can grab a shortlink from instead.

Email Growth Hack #5. Before You Go… Pop-Up!

When it comes to growing your email list, it all boils down to location location location.

I have my optin form in the header of each page. If you have a sidebar, you should have one there too. While you’re at it, slap one in the footer as well.

The best place for your optin form is going to be embedded within the content. Preferably right in the middle (and/or end) of your blog posts.

I use a WordPress plugin called Thrive Leads to create beautiful optin forms that I embed within my content.

But there’s one more place where you can (and should) add an optin form. That would be during an attempted exit.

Yes, an exit intent pop-up is what I’m talking about.

You might not like them. They might not like them. But the numbers don’t lie. Exit intent pop-ups convert like crazy!

This is where you can make a last-ditch effort to convert your visitors into email subscribers. Don’t squander this opportunity!

Again, I use Thrive Leads to set the display rules. You can see it in action by hovering your cursor (on desktop-only) over the [x].

On mobile, exit intent doesn’t work but you can set rules such as “scrolled 80%” AND “stayed longer than 2 minutes” for example.

That’s it! Those are your 5 hacks to grow your email list. Hope I helped!

If you did learn something new about growing your email list, please save this on Pinterest! I created some awesome pins for you to choose from.

How To Start A Successful Blog

Get my free 5 day Launch Your Blog eCourse for beginners!