About Me

Hi I’m Edwin, nice to meet you! I’ve been a full time blogger since 2004 and now make six figures a year with my network of finance blogs. But before you think I’m special or something, let me stop you right there. I once was flat broke, with no job, no skills and no education. I was going nowhere in life – fast. Then I found blogging and haven’t looked back since. In the last 15 years, I’ve created dozens of blogs and have earned over 1 million dollars – all through blogging! Now I’m “paying it forward” and sharing what I’ve learned so you don’t make the same mistakes I made when I was new.I decided to start a blog in 2004 and it failed. So I started another one, and it failed again. I kept failing and failing and you want to know what I learned? I learned… everything. Through trial and error I learned everything from how to create and design a successful blog, how to create compelling content, how to get thousands of followers on social media, how to get traffic from Google, how to monetize a blog, how grow an email list and finally how to convert email list subscribers into paying customers. My reasons for blogging were very simple – I was lazy. Plus, I refused to ever work for someone else. You can read more about my journey to becoming a six figure blogger here. Why I Started EdwinDollars.com In late July of 2018 I had an epiphany of sorts. After blogging for so many years about finance (yawn!) I needed a change. I wasn’t fulfilled with what I was doing and suffered blog burnout. I needed to find my passion and then it hit me. My passion is helping others. My knowledge is making money online. Combine the two and there you have it. It was time to start a blog devoted to helping people start and grow a blog to make money online! Why Am I Sharing The Strategies Of How To Make Money Blogging? You might be wondering why I created a blog on how to make money blogging. After all, in theory, the more bloggers there are, the less money there is to spread amongst ourselves. That is what I used to think. That’s the kind of mentality that was holding me back. I now realize that there is an endless amount of money. It is abundant. It is also my passion to help others succeed. You have no idea the amount of fulfillment I feel when I help someone. So why do I help others how to make money blogging? Because it’s my calling in life, that’s why. Social Media You can follow me on your favorite social media platform here: Twitter: @edwindollars Facebook: Edwin Dollars Pinterest: Edwin Dollars Contact Me If you have any questions about setting up or growing your blog, you can contact me here.